Community supported programs at The NJNP Collective

In addition to providing housing, we also work with Collective Members (those who stay at a NJNP Collective home) to access help with finding long term or permanent independent housing, help with name changes, legal support and support for returning citizens who are TGNC. 

Facilitating things that should just be accessible

We work with a network of community partners that include medical organizations and service based organizations to ease access to crucial health services. In addition, we also buddy with collective members to doctors and other medical appointments that sometimes TGNC community members miss from social anxiety.


When funding has allowed, NJNP provides small support requests to our Collective Members in need. From Lyft rides, to cell phone payments; our community members need to stay connected for safety's sake!

Building Power

NJNP’s response to FOSTA and SESTA additionally strived to build capacity via a popular education based Organizing Training Program, which we call “OIT” for short (dont ask). The program works to develop the organizing and leadership skills of Black and Brown Trans Sex Workers (Those most directly and disproportionately impacted by violences resulting from the criminalization of the sex trade) while providing them stipends as an alternative form of employment to street based sex work.

Program participants attend six weeks of skillshares, workshops and trainings; led by peers who were previous participants. Since 2018, NJNP has completed three six-week program cycles with 10 participants total,  and are awaiting funding to start our fourth cycle. Participants have gone on to continue organizing under NJNP while receiving a stipend for their work as funds are available. Former participants sit on NJNP’s Steering Committee and are active stakeholders in the NJNP Collective and help manage the different homes. We continue working with other participants in our organizing and movement building, including but not limited to housing support and other programs at the Collective but we also work with community partners to find positions related to their organizing training and experience as well as consulting gigs.


We know for many in our community, it’s hard to access organizing spaces when you are spending nearly all your time working to obtain resources for you and maybe anyone you may be care taking.